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25 mars 2021

Theramex joins Binti’s Dignity at work campaign to offer FREE period products to ALL staff in the workplace

Theramex is a leading global pharmaceutical company dedicated to women and their health.  They have agreed to provide free menstrual products to all their staff in the workplace. Working with award winning period charity Binti International, the organisation now provides free period products for all employees and visitors to their offices globally.

“We are delighted to be part of Dignity at Work initiative to facilitate access to menstrual products in our workplace, it is another step to create awareness and to eradicate period poverty” – Anjuna Kalsi, Chief Human Resources Officer, Theramex.

As schools and businesses re-emerge from lockdown, Binti has launched its Dignity at Work. Period. campaign to encourage businesses to supply free menstrual products.

Theramex was keen to sign up to the initiative.


Tampons and pads are essential items but, these are not readily available in most public toilets or in the workplace. It’s time to change attitudes and get organisations to invest in creating a positive change for women.

A recent survey undertaken by Plan International found Almost a third (30%) of girls aged 14-21 have had issues affording or accessing period products during lockdown, with over half (54%) of these girls admitting to using toilet paper as an alternative. Periods do not pause during a pandemic.

A survey of 567 women conducted by Totm found that over half would factor free period products into their decision to work for a company. When asked how women would feel if their employer introduced free period products at work, 55% responded that they would feel valued and respected, while 26% would feel reassured.

“We will continue our work until all girls have menstrual dignity”, says Binti founder, Manjit K Gill MBE. “our Dignity at Work campaign is designed to bring societal change. When you see a Visa, MasterCard or Amex sticker on a shop window you know that they will accept your card on the premises. Now imagine, seeing a Binti Dignity sticker, this will show women that they can access period products on premises if they need them”.

Binti are determined to ensure that companies and businesses offer period products in all the women’s toilets and provide them for free. Binti aims to make free period products in the workplace the norm just as other toiletries are like toilet paper and soap. If all businesses provided free menstrual products in toilets, the poverty around periods would be eradicated, and all women would menstruate with dignity.

Binti is also launching its own APP soon which will detail all retailers, pubs, restaurants and businesses that have free products in their toilets, so that women can utilise the service.

Dignity at Work. Period. JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN to bring Menstrual Dignity to the workplace –

#SmashShame #ILovePeriods #PeriodDignity #BintiPeriod

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15 mars 2021

Theramex’s response to the UK government’s call for evidence to improve health and wellbeing of women in England

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