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Our diverse portfolio helps us deliver on our commitment to Women's Health


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About Theramex

We are Theramex, a global speciality pharmaceutical company solely committed to supporting the health needs of women through every stage of life

  • 500+ employees
  • 80+ countries
  • 20+ products
  • 6m+ patients*

*assumptions based on calculation of sales for 2018-2020

What do we do?

Theramex have helped millions of women around the world live better lives. We continue to work on patient-focused, effective solutions that support women of all ages.

We work closely with our partners, healthcare professionals, and patients to provide women with the right solution, at the time they most need it.


Our sole purpose is to support women’s health needs not only today, but in the future, so women around the world can live their best lives.

Robert Stewart Chief Executive Officer

Our Leadership Team

We believe in empowering women to make informed decisions about how to manage the natural cycles and stages of their life. To do this, we provide education and support around contraception, fertility, menopause and osteoporosis.

Whether you’re taking control of your periods, deciding whether to have a baby, or passing through times of change, Theramex is here to help you thrive at every stage.

Our vision

Our vision is to be the leading global company in women’s health care by providing innovative, effective solutions that care for and support women as they advance through each stage of their lives.

We hold four key values at the forefront of all we do


We are dedicated in heart and mind to improving care in Women’s Health, and strive for absolute excellence in everything we do


We hold ourselves to the highest ethical principles, and treat every individual with fairness and respect


We listen to the health needs of women and continuously work with our partners to improve and expand our offerings – to give doctors and women the best possible outcomes


In a fast-paced environment, our combined professional experience means we can make not just quick decisions, but also the right ones

We are there for every stage

Whether life goes to plan or takes an unexpected turn, we aim to support the changing health needs of women of all ages.

Watch our video to learn more about our commitment.

Job number: THX_HQ_IVID_002923, Date of preparation: July 2023