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23 June 2022

Shining the Light on Menopause with Over The Bloody Moon

On June 28, MPs at Westminster will be invited to a private afternoon drop-in session, hosted by Carolyn Harris, chair of The Menopause Taskforce where they will be able to experience first-hand, what it’s like to have a hot flush.

Menopause affects 13 million women in the UK 1  but the impact for those who experience challenging symptoms, stretches out to their partners, family, colleagues, and community.

Whilst there are an estimated 48 physical, cognitive, and emotional symptoms, associated with menopause 2, one of the most challenging aspects of menopause is hot flushes and night sweats. 3

Problems with controlling body temperature affects 70% women 4 at some time in their menopause transition and can trigger indirect symptoms, such as disrupted sleep, joint pain, impaired cognitive function, and increased levels of anxiety.  

MPs will be invited to wear MenoVestTM, commissioned by Over The Bloody Moon, a leading corporate menopause support provider in partnership with Theramex, a leading pharmaceutical company and created by innovation studio, Thread Design.

This outer garment uses heated pads to simulate the sudden creep of heat many women will experience, throughout the day and night which can be very distracting and contributing to 1 in 10 leaving their jobs.5

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If you’d like to attend the event to get a quote and photo, please contact

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