Helping women through the challenges of fertility

Fertility can be challenging for some, with around 1 in 7 couples
having difficulty conceiving1

Around 5% of couples with fertility issues turn to IVF for help,2 which can be an emotional but incredibly rewarding experience.3

Happily, in the last 40 years, 8 million babies have been born through IVF treatment4

Life threw a big curveball Heather’s way when she and her husband first tried to conceive. After a significant time of trying, they chose to start IVF treatment. Heather’s story has a happy ending, as she and her husband were delighted to get pregnant. Now, they are a happy family with their daughter Matilda.

“Seeking the right treatment gave me the daughter I never thought I could have – it’s changed my life”


Our fertility treatment offering is a key part of our commitment to helping women like Heather thrive through life’s unexpected health challenges.

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